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Our local club is located in Brescia (Lombardia region, northern Italy) right at the pre-Alps, between the Garda lake (20Km) and the Iseo lake (20Km). Here there are usually good conditions and interesting flights possibilities, almost all around the year, for both Paragliding and Hanggliding with a safe and wide landing area.
You can likely find some local pilots in the landing field during the week ends, between 11am and 2pm or even later on, therefore you can easily get a lift to the take off, as well as ask information about landings, surrounding areas, etc. Please also observe landing rules and other possible warnings posted in the showcase. The landing field is located on Via Vittorio Gatti, near S.Francesco cemetery, a map is available at www.vololiberobrescia.it/bsmappe.htm.
We also recommend you to have a look at these pages, from Italian Federation (FIVL) website:
1. FIVL for Foreigners
2. Guidance For Hg-Pg Pilots
3. FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
for an overview about licenses, insurances, requirements, etc. for flying in Italy and some useful information or tips.
If you're interested in other flight sites in the area, have a look at: FIVL: Where to fly?, you'll find some information about flying sites in Italy. A map of Italy with a list of several flying sites is also available from FIVL.

We all hope you will enjoy your flights in Italy and we look forward to see you soon.